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New Atlantis Disclaimer and Philosophy:

Question the things you have been told are obvious,
question everything.
Question the things you have been taught in education.
The higher the authority, the more

questions you need to ask.
If it's science ask ever more

questions, scientists tell lies, to keep their jobs.
Question the sceptics(skeptics)they want mind-control.

This site is not affiliated or in any way connected with any religious organisations, be they creationist or otherwise.
We strongly deny the appellation 'creationist' as used by evolutionists, scientists and sceptical-scientism. We do not support any extremist views, be they religious, scientific, atheist or sceptical. In fact we find it difficult to point to any real differences between fundies and sceptics as they both share the same dogmatic, authoritarian, stance.

Whilst a very visible war is being fought by militant religious extremists, a covert and largely unnoticed conflict is being waged by extremist-sceptics for control of our minds - there is very little opposition because it's labelled "Science" and science makes everyone feel smart. Don't be fooled by the 'Emperor's New Clothes'.

The wheel has come off the science bus because of pseudo-scepticism, and as a result, academic science is quite easily debunked and can be shown to be in error. It's not moving, it's not going anywhere and it's time for something new.

The iron age has passed and it's now time to discard authoritarian, Victorian, values, an evolution of the whole of the scientific paradigm is well-over-due.

Let every human reclaim his/her most basic human birthright: to be allowed to think for themselves, something many of them don't even know they have lost.

Free thinking is becoming a lost art.
Don't let it become extinct.
Start a revolution, start thinking for yourself.

Before you enter New Atlantis, a message to all institutionalised scientists, to all of those who allow themselves to be institutionalised by scientists, to all extreme closed minded sceptics and to all the other medieval monks. Don't bother to read these pages, it's not for you. Here be Dragons!

"Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness." - George Orwell, 1984

Science = Indoctrination

Contrary to popular belief, scientific education does not require any intelligent thought, it's about "remembering" what science taught you. It's this remembering that makes you feel smart - even if you're not.


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Chronicle of a Cassandra 
The Dark Matters of Science  
by Alan wade.

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